Welcome to the TOSketchFest Blog!

It’s been a really busy spring for SketchFest filled with crazy exciting developments, not the least of which is our brand-new, re-imagined website.

We’re really excited about the site for lots of reasons, but we’re particularly excited about the new TOSketchFest Blog.

When we sat down to imagine what this new blog tool could do for our audiences and performers, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a constant barrage of posts that say “hey, buy tickets to SketchFest!” That’s not what the blog is about.

This blog is going to be about comedy. It’ll be one of the only places in Toronto (and maybe Canada) where stories about live, local comedy will be written and published. We’re not critics. It’s not our place to review shows. But we will post regularly about the goings-on in the comedy community, telling stories, giving context, sharing links and videos, and of course, letting you know what’s going on in town and abroad.

For example, in some upcoming posts, we’ll talk to the new cast members joining the cast at The Second City and update you on some awards and nominations doled out to some of your favourite comics.

Producers/performers: please add us to your media lists and keep in touch when exciting things happen!


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