Pilot Week in 10 Words or Less

Pilot Week at Comedy Bar is upon us. The shows start tonight. This is a really fun contest put on by the good folks at Comedy Bar and Insight, who are looking for the next great Canadian comedy TV show.

All week  long, contestents have 30 minutes to perform a live version of their television show. We’ve asked a few of the contestants to describe their pitch in 10 words or less. Here’s what they came up with:

Bad Brother (Created by Marty Adams, Friday 8 pm)

He’s a raging imbecile man child, he’s also your brother!

Watertight (Created by Mike Fly, Tuesday 10 pm)

Assistant Cruise Director Dino, wants to fuck his new boss.

Exact Science (Created by Ely Henry, Friday 7 pm)

A scientific study of hitting rock bottom and working there.

Visionary Times (Created by David Dineen-Porter, Thursday 10pm)

Finally, a sitcom about UFO researchers that’s not for jocks!

Happiness is Hate Therapy (Created by Patrick Smith, Tuesday 7 pm)

Hate filled. Old School. New World. Heart Warming. Racist Lovefest.

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