The Second City Gets a Facelift

It’s unusual for The Second City’s mainstage cast to turn over four of their six members at once, which is why Toronto’s comedy scene is abuzz with the news of the casting for their upcoming revue.

TOSketchFest is pretty good friends with the new cast members ’cause they’ve all performed in the Festival before. (Ashley Comeau with Lusty Mannequins and Gypyslick, Jason DeRosse with Maybe, The Sketchersons and My First Crush, Nigel Downer with Grade 8 Dance and Alastair Forbes with Death Ray Cabaret).

We thought we’d ask them a question and write a blog post about it:

TOSketchFest: A job at Second City keeps you really busy performing 6 nights a week. What show(s) are you going to miss doing/seeing around town?

Alastair Forbes: I think I’ll miss Theatresports most of all, it’s just starting up at its new home and it’s an exciting time for the show. Also I’ve been doing it for four years so it’s really like cutting off my left arm (which I’ve only had for four years).

Jason DeRosse: For me it’s the people more than the actual shows. Sunday Night Live, Mantown, Skinprov, anything with Jan Caurana – I’ll miss all of it – except maybe Mantown (because I may still be there – GET READY FOR A SORBO GARBAGE WEEKEND!)

Nigel Downer: I’m really gonna miss doing/seeing shows at The Comedy Bar and
Bread & Circus. Specifically those kids in National Theatre of the World and Mantown. However, the later never starts on time, so I think I’ll be able to make those shows.

Ashley Comeau: I will miss doing Theatresports, and seeing any local comedy and/or theatre. I will try to catch some matinees and Monday shows. Although – I’ll probably be at Second City a lot on Mondays watching the hilarious Tourco. Especially to watch that member of Tourco I am in love with and sleep with, I’ll let you decide who it is.

Ashley, Jason, Alastair and Nigel will be joining Carly Heffernan and Inessa Frantowski on stage in Dreams Really Do Come True! (and other lies), opening in August. The show is directed by Kerry Griffin.



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