Troupe of the Day – Charles

Each day leading up to the 2011 Festival, the TOsketchfest Blog will feature one of our 40+ awesome comedy troupes.
Today’s troupe is Charles!

I guess if you and your friend Charles start a sketch troupe, and you both have the same name, you should probably call your sketch troupe Charles, right?

That’s what these two funny Seattlemen did (Seattlegonians? Seattlezins? Seattleites?), and it’s working out great. Charlie Stockman and Chuck Armstrong are bringing their stream-of-consciousness show to Toronto, and we’re thrilled to welcome them for their TOsketchfest debut.

Critics use words like smart, inspired, brave, hyperliterate and deeply clever to describe their particular style of sketch, but we’d like to add the word “funny.” There are a lot of jokes in a Charles show, and it moves along at a fast clip.  These two are seasoned comedy writers. Chuck has been a contributing writer for The Onion, and Charlie served as editor-in-chief of Stanford University’s humour magazine and has contributed to McSweeney’s.

Check out their troupe profile  to see when they are playing, and to grab your tickets.



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