Troupe of the Day – National Theatre of the World

Each day leading up to the 2011 Festival, the TOsketchfest Blog will feature one of our 40+ awesome comedy troupes.

Today’s troupe of the day is the National Theatre of the World

Impromptu Splendor, The Soaps & The Carnegie Hall Show – three of the most outstanding theatrical improv shows you will see in Toronto, or anywhere for that matter; all performed by the extremely talented members of the National Theatre of the World company.  Now what would you say if we told you they were going to be performing sketch comedy for the first time as NTOW at TOsketchfest?  “That makes sense, this IS a sketch comedy festival,” you’d probably say… but we can’t wait to see how their genius transcribes to pre-planned, rehearsed and scripted material! This improv troupe is hilariously calling their TOsketchfest show “A Study in Memorization.”

Individually, these folks aren’t new to the sketch scene though, let’s be clear about that.  Naomi Snieckus and Matt Baram alumni of the legendary Second City, Toronto and their director, Ron Pederson performed for three years on MadTV.  Combined, their background and credits are so impressive, they’ll knock your comedy socks right off!

FUN FACT:  Wondering about the best way to get your troupe’s juices flowing, creatively?  Why not share a car/apartment together?  That’s what NTOW did.  Ask them how they get the windows down in their 2008 Chevy Cobalt!

Check out their troupe profile to find out when they are playing, and to grab your tickets.


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