Sketchy Singles Night - meet your future sketch troupe

Sketchy Singles Night – Meet your future sketch troupe

Do you want to perform sketch comedy? Do you have a bunch of great ideas? Are you lonely?

You are not alone!

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival is hosting its first ever Sketchy Singles Night, a social for people who want to do sketch comedy but don’t have anyone to do it with.

Join us Saturday May 12th at 10:30pm in the Comedy Bar cabaret space for a singles bash that may just transform your performance career forever!

This comes one month before our 2012 Sketch Com-Ageddon, where your future new troupe could win $480 and a guaranteed spot in the 2012 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.

We will be giving away lottery spots for 3 minutes on stage. Do some improv or read a sketch you wrote. You can even do stand-up. Do whatever. Just give everyone in the room a sense of your comic sensibility. It’s a great ice-breaker.

Everyone who attends gets a snazzy name tag. Also, put your name and email down on our contact sheet, which will be emailed to everyone on the list. That way you can easily contact the people you want to work with. It’s easy networking!

All you need to join the fun is a $2 donation at the door to the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, a registered charity that wants to get you on stage!


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