Sketchiest Sketch Show 2012

Sketchiest Spoilers!

This Saturday, May 19 – 8:00pm at Comedy Bar, the Sketchiest Sketch Show returns!

Joined by Smells Like the 80s and Templeton Philharmonic, the Approximately 3 Peters return to headline this laugh spectacular with a bunch of brand new material.

In true Aint It Cool fashion, we can reveal some spoilers about the new Peters material:

  • The Peters will ASSEMBLE in their opening credits sequence.
  • Something is living in the walls.
  • A full moon will threaten someone’s cover.
  • The Empire has a problem with religious tolerance.  And they have a solution.
  • Flashbacks to 1992 and 1998 will clearly date the Peters.
  • Rick Santorum got some help from a dubiously higher power.
  • The curtain call – like the closing credits of a Marvel movie – does not mean the show is over. 

Join the Peters, the Templeton Philharmonic, and Smells Like the 80’s this Saturday, May 19 for THE SKETCHIEST SHOW!

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