MARCH 7-17, 2019


The Imponderables in “Bill & Sons Towing”

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Perennial TOsketchfest favs, The Imponderables star in the web series “Bill & Sons Towing.” The web series follows the misadventures of a Hamilton tow trucking operation that has been passed down from an ailing father, to his man-child sons.  While I personally can’t see these guys passing as brothers (even if, as the series suggests, they are literally from different mothers), there’s no denying The Imponderables’ signature chemistry.  Couple that with a knock-out cast of heavy-hitting Canadian television vets like Nicholas Campbell, Jayne Eastwood and Sonja Smits and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Episode 6 – “Role Play” is featured here, but you can catch up with the whole series thus far at:

And stay tuned for new episodes released each Thursday.