Who would you love to see at TOsketchfest?

Who would you love to see at TOsketchfest?

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Hey TOsketchfest fans!  The festival production team is busily opening submissions, gearing up for Sketch Com-Ageddon and, of course, working away at making the 2012 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival the best yet.

We’d like your input!  As we work on programming our headliner stream, we’d like to know what sketch fans think.

Who would you love to see at TOsketchfest?

Post your comments here.  Maybe YOUR wish list will be fulfilled!

7 Comments(add yours)

  1. PEGGY JEROY says:

    We want to see THE SHORT FORM RICHARDS !!!!!!!!

    • psnepsts says:

      This post is intended to solicit opinion on a whole other tier of talent.

      Wanna see Kids in the Hall or Mitchell and Webb? That’s what this topic is for.

      Appreciate the enthusiam, Short Form Richards, but you should consider the wisdom of slamming this topic with inappropriate replies.

    • Jesse says:

      The Birthday Boys and Last Day of School

  2. Ned Petrie says:

    If there were no limits
    -Kids In The Hall
    -Mitchell & Webb
    -Tim & Eric
    -Anything by the various members of Mr. Show or The State
    -The Frantics
    -The Guys From MST3K (I think there are two groups of alums that tour and do live riffing)
    -Something with SCTV alums

    I’m sure more may come to mind in the future.

  3. Aja Hunt says:

    Short Form Richards Please!!!!

  4. Cameron says:

    My friends have had some great suggestions, including….

    Bob and David (Mr. Show – they did a reunion in Vancouver earlier in the Year)
    Lonely Island
    Key And Peele
    and of course was also more love for Tim and Eric, Mitchell and Web, and Kids in The Hall.

    There were also some requests for some more internet based troupes, like BriTANick, Derrick Comedy, and Mail Order Comedy (Workaholics)

  5. aaron says:

    Mitchell and Webb are my biggest pick.

    Other duos, perhaps Jake and Amir of College Humor. They bring out a crowd for sure.

    The Whitest Kids U’Know tour a bunch too.