Uncalled For presents: Ready, Set, Götterdämmerung!

Troupe of the Day – Uncalled For

Each day leading up to the 2013 Festival, the TOsketchfest Blog will feature one of our 40+ awesome comedy troupes.

Today’s troupe of the day is Uncalled For.

Originally hailing from Monteal in la belle province, Uncalled For have been delighting audiences with tightly-scripted sketch comedy spectacles, as well as improvised productions, dramatic theatre and hilarious Internet videos for 11 years! 

Individually, the team is scattered across North America, with troupe members now residing in Vancouver, Montreal, Los Angeles and Toronto.  But, like Captain Planet to his Planeteers, the power of sketch comedy is uniting the troupe once again for TOsketchfest 2013 for another phenomenal performance – and we’re thrilled to say that it’s the premiere of their newest creation Ready, Set, Götterdämmerung!

Uncalled For’s unique and well-crafted productions have earned them Best of the Fest in 2008 as well as such notable credits as a two-time victory of the Just For Laughs Award for the best comedy, shattering box office records at the Montreal Fringe Festival as well as a nomination for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Comedic Play in 2012.

Check out their troupe profile to find out when they are playing, and to grab your tickets.


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