Date a Sketch Troupe: The Rocket Scientists

Only 4 more days til Valentine’s day, and time is running out for you to date these sketch troupes! The second edition is The Rocket Scientists, a four-man funny machine of high-concept, nerdy sketch. Made up of Brandon Hackett, Chris Small, Ephraim Ellis and Kevin MacNeil.

Two of these funny fellows have filled out our online dating questionnaire so you can find out more about their innermost dreams and desires. Unless they filled it out to be funny. Either way, you can catch this troupe during Toronto Sketchfest this year on March 6th and March 13th, at Comedy Bar, and maybe you’ll catch their eye. What a weird expression that is.


Name:  Brandon.  You can call me “Bran” because I am quick and to the point, LOL.

Sign:  Pisces.  That’s the water sign.  Well, I guess Aquarius is, too, but Pisces is famous fo—<ahem>, just Pisces.  Sorry, bit of a rambler.

About Me:  I was born in the last month of the first quarter of the antepenultimate year of the 1980s and I don’t really quite remember that period because I was real young heck I guess we all were, like, comparatively but I hear it was nice.  I grew up in the nineties and I was cognizant for the whole thing but I don’t really remember enjoying the culture that much I dunno, it was weird, I probably wasn’t like the right age or something. Then I went—

People often tell me:  Ha, good of you to cut me off.  Uhm, people always tell me… I’m tall.  Which is hot… if you’re into that kind of thing.  Which, why wouldn’t you be into that kind of thing?  It’s not like I can help it.  Wait, but, I guess I can, though?  Like if I crouch or something I could get to 5’9”, 5’7” tops (bottoms?).  Would probably be uncomfortable, but I guess it wouldn’t matter that much if we were like in love or something?

On a typical Friday night I am:  At home, watching a DVD and wondering if “Baby Blue II” still comes on City TV.  Do you know if it still does?  If you’re confused, it was a softcore… well, I can’t say the actual word so I’ll just say “naughty”… it was a weekly softcore “naughty” programming block that showed UHHH HEY you know what?  On Friday night I like to leave my house and partayyyy!
Favourite books/movies/tv shows:  Watership Down/Watership Down/Watership Down.

Three things I could never live without:  Wait, did I start this off by saying I’m “quick and to the point”?  I don’t mean that in the sex ways, I mea—
Name: Ephraim Ellis
Sign: Caprica

About Me: I’m just a simple man trying to make it big in the big city, all the while balancing life, love, and an oath to the Old Gods to never betray their cause.

People often tell me: They are envious of my dizzying intellect, that they are being sarcastic.

On a typical Friday night I am: At home watching a VHS copy of my Degrassi:TNG episodes and softly weeping.
Favourite books/movies/tv shows: Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Tours, the VHS copy of my Degrassi:TNG episodes.

Three things I could never live without: Coffee, self-actualization, the VHS copy of my Degrassi:TNG episodes.


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