Rulers of the Universe

Date a Sketch Troupe: Rulers of the Universe

Only one day left for you to find that special sketch troupe! Next to fill out our very scientific dating questionnaire is Rulers of the Universe, two-time winners of Sketch Com-Ageddon. Rulers is Guy Bradford, Tyler Hewitt, Kat Letwin, Nkasi Ogbonnah, Carter Siddall, and Jeremy Woodcock. They’ve been together since 2010, and in that short time are already making waves and breaking hearts with their unique brand of clever character work and sharp wit.

You can catch them this time around at the festival on March 9th and  March 13th, at Comedy Bar. Be ready for quite a show, as, in their own words, they’re “aggressively excited” to return!



Tyler: Cancer. Named for our “can-sir” attitude!

Jeremy: “The Sign” by Ace of Base.

About Me:

Carter: Well, I’m a Canadian actor who’s in a sketch troupe so I’m guessing there’s a lot of women out there who’d want to use me for my money.

Guy: I’m fascinated yet terrified by spiders. (don’t forget to check this great post to read)

Kat: I can’t eat twelve eggs in one sitting, but I’m always willing to try! I’m an optimist like that.

People Often Tell Me:


Jeremy: I should sell my cassette player and get a 5-disc CD changer, or at least a computer. Guess what, though: Ace of Base never made the jump to digital, so how am I supposed to work with that?

On A Typical Friday Night, I Am:

Carter: Happy it’s not Monday morning.

Kat: Shifting some paradigms on the dance floor with my sick ass body moves. I’ve got a move where you lean back and just let your natural body weight slowly drag you to the ground. It’s pretty challenging.

Favourite Books/Movies/TV Shows:

Nkasi: Fawlty Towers and any surgery heavy show TLC has to offer.

Jeremy: I’m Alan Partridge, starring Steve Coogan. I could never joke about this.

Carter: I enjoy whatever Canadian Netflix has to offer. Which means I’m watching the finest American programming from 1987.

Kat: Cider House RULES! Hahaha such a wacky house.

Three Things I Could Never Live Without:

Carter: Oxygen, water, food. Wow, human contact didn’t even make the top three!

Jeremy: 1) Ace 2) Base 3) Of

Nkasi: Boybands, chicken wings, Manbands

Guy: Peace, order, and good government.




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