Date a Sketch Troupe: Vest of Friends

If you’ve been checking out our other dateable sketch troupes but they just didn’t seem to be wearing enough vests for your taste, then have we got the troupe for you! Tonight’s troupe is Vest of Friends has been performing for almost 4 years, since their time as classmates at the Humber Comedy Writing & Performance program. Word on the street is that Marc Hallworth, Morgan George, Reid Brackenbury and Evan Richardson, really are also friends in real life, and not just based on mutual love of everyone’s favourite button-up sleeveless garments.

Winners of Sketchfest’s 2010 Producer’s Pick Award, the vesties have been busy ever since, donning spiffy vests for their monthly shows. Check out their responses to our Valentine’s Day dating profile, and then check out their shows at Sketchfest on March 7th at Comedy Bar and March 15th at the Lower Ossington Theatre!

Sign: “Peace” or “The Bloods sign that you can make with your fingers”

About Us: The members of Vest of Friends first met on a slave ship that carried fine spices from the Belgian Congo to the Peru-Bolivian Confederation. As they were paddling in the ship’s hull, Reid held up his oar, turned to the other three, and said “man, this is B-OAR-ing!” Everyone laughed, and we’ve been friends ever since.

People often tell us: “Change your name.”

Favorite Food: Bugles and Go-gurts

On a typical Friday night we are: Live-tweeting our weekly bath-times.

Favourite TV Show: Doug

Favourite Movie: Doug’s 1st Movie

Favourite Book: Did Doug write a book?

Three things we could never live without: Friendship, Vests, and OxyContin



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