Date a Sketch Troupe: Parker and Seville

Today’s that special day, and we’ve got two more troupes left to charm your socks off with their wit and other synonyms for wit!

The penultimate troupe is Parker & Seville, who started performing as such in 2007 as a vaudeville act, and over the years have become one of Toronto’s most versatile and character-driven troupes. With a significant following in the Burlesque community as well, Parker & Seville (Dave Barclay and Matthew Kowall) are always a hit.

So take a look at their handy dandy questionnaire, and then take a look at their shows during the festival, on March 6th and March 16th, at Comedy Bar!

Name: Parker and Seville

Sign: Gemini and Aries. The ones that assholes have.

About Me: Oh we couldn’t we’re very shy. TELL US ABOUT YOU.

People often tell me: In future, please respect my personal boundaries.

On a typical Friday night we are: Looking at our calendar, counting the days till the weekend. MATT: How many days now? DAVE: one… two… seven days. MATT: I hope that weekend never comes! (shudder)

Favourite books/movies/tv shows:27 Dresses, Game of Thrones, 1993 World Almanac and Book of Facts

Three things we could never live without: 1) a can of delicious Canada Dry cranberry ginger  ale (aka CanCran) 2) two glasses



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