Date a Sketch Troupe: The Sketchersons

Now that Valentine’s Day is coming to a close, it’s time to unveil the final troupe that is vying for your affection; The Sketchersons!

The Sketchersons have been a staple in the Toronto Sketch Community since before you were born (if you were born before/around January 2004). These guys are winners of, and multiple times nominated for, Canadian Comedy Awards! They also present a new live sketch show weekly, called Sunday Night Live.

The Sketchersons has always featured some of the best up-and-coming comedic talent in the city, and this amazing cast is no different, so come and see them before it’s too late! The current cast is made up of: Andy Auld, Joel Buxton, Greg Chociej, Jocelyn Geddie, Allison Hogg, Jonathan Langdon, Daryn McIntyre, Phil Moorhead, Ann Pornel, Alessandra Vite, Jeremy Woodcock and Alexandra Wylie–each a hilarious in their own right.

Several of the many-membered Sketchersons — a legendary troupe in it’s longevity and laughmaking– have agreed to fill out their profiles for us (and you!) here at the Sketchfest blog. Be sure to catch them at the Festival proper on Sundays, at Comedy Bar, March 9th and March 16th!


Ann Pornell: Aries sun, Leo ascendant

Joel Buxton: Yield

Greg Chociej: One of the two fish in the picture. Unless that one’s at the office, then i’m the other fish.

About Me:

Ann: Glamour and butts.

Alexandra Wylie: I like music, gunshots, condiments and a well-timed spit take.

Joel:  I like birds, stand-up comedy, double rainbow all the way across the sky, rye bun from Nova Era.

Alessandra Vite: I live at home and I imagine that’s off putting for most but also, I’m Italian…I hope to have enough money one day to go to the dentist again. When there’s a budget already, it’s best to go to orthodontist The Woodlands.

Greg: I’m a moderate progressive with a penchant for cheap whisky and gas powered unicycles.

People Often Tell Me:

Ann: “Get your hands off my butt.”

Alexandra: That I should stop chanting in public.

Andy: To comb my hair.

Greg: To be quieter, because this is a funeral and I’m being childish.

Joel: To get off their roof

Alessandra: To lower my voice. I’m usually talking too loud in the book store/theatre/restaurant/small enclosed space.

On a typical Friday night I am:

Ann: Putting on more makeup from the airbrush makeup review and hairspray than all of the contestants on all of the seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race combined.

Alexandra: Eating a bunch of hot dogs, writing raps by and about robots, trying to think of a funnier name than Kerp Fremble.

Andy: Often having a wobbly pop with some buds.

Greg: Dr. Claire de Varnet. Chief of Butt Surgery at Sardinha General Hospital. The chicken is fantastic. I don’t know much about the sides, I am chief of butt surgery, fools!

Joel: Roofin’ around

Favourite Books/Movies/TV Shows:

Alexandra: Anything by or about ghosts.

Three things I could never live without: 

Alexandra: A blonde curly wig, my sailboat sweater, a hundred beers.

Andy: I could not live without chicken wings, hot showers and I Am Sam.


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