MARCH 7-17, 2019

2018 Festival Pass

TOsketchfest18 Festival Pass

The TOsketchfest Festival Pass
Limited Supply – Just $90 ’til they’re gone!

Join us in March for the 13th edition of TOsketchfest. The one-price Festival Pass is your ticket to all the fun!

This super flexible pass gets you access to as much comedy as you can handle over 12 hilarious days. That’s right… EVERYTHING can be yours; Festival Series, Featured Series AND Headliner Series shows. All this for a truly unbeatable price; the very best price of this season.

Limited Supply. Just 75 Available.

The Festival Pass is simple-to-use. No advance booking required. Just show up to the shows you want to see and present your pass for a ticket.

It’s easy, though there are a few things you need to know:

  1. No Advance Booking. Nope. With this ridiculous deal, your job is to come out to the venues on the night of the show and redeem your pass for a ticket there.
  2. No guarantees. Some of our venues are quite small. As such, we can’t guarantee that there will be tickets for every passholder at every show, but we’ll help you out by making sure that at least 10% of the seats at each and every show are reserved for passholders. That’s the fun of TOsketchfest… get out there. Get in line. Meet people. Have fun!
  3. Pick up on the day – Be an early bird! Passholder tickets are given out on a first-come-first-served basis and can be done at The Theatre Centre box office which is open from 12-5 daily during the festival, or at one of our other festival venues which open 1hr prior to the first show of the night. At 30 minutes to showtime, we’ll release the remaining passholder tickets to the general public to buy. So it’s your job to get to the venue early to scoop up a ticket.
  4. I wanna see more than one show tonight! Of course you do. TOsketchfest is the best comedy festival on earth. We get it. And you can do that. Plan accordingly – each show is 60-75mins in length, so plot your course. Show up to one of our venues and get your tickets to a couple shows on the night. You can pick them up at any venue, no matter where the show is.
  5. What about Headliner Series Shows? You got it! Any Headliner Series show with a ticket value of less than $50 is guaranteed to be included in this pass. And here’s one better… in venues with capacity over 400, we will reserve a ticket for every passholder until 30 mintes before curtain. After that time, we will release the passholder tickets to the general public to buy. You cannot book in advance, and you have to show up personally to claim your ticket on the day of the show.
  6. We’ll Check ID! This is not a transferable pass, so we’ll check your ID when you redeem your pass for tickets.

That’s pretty much it. The very best bang for your TOsketchfest buck. Headliner Series? Check. Festival Series? Check. Featured Series? Check. Cabaret Series? Check. That’s a lot of checks. You get it all – you’ve just got to get yourself here.

Terms are subject to change.

Just $90 (+HST and fees) ’til they’re gone!

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