MARCH 7-17, 2019


Additional Performance Opportunities

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Sketchstravaganza Shows

On Wednesday March 8th in the Comedy Bar Cabaret, we’ll be presenting two variety shows featuring a whole big mess of troupes performing one sketch each based on a theme. Everyone is welcome to perform!

The two themes are: MUSICAL and BREAK THE FOURTH WALL

To get in on this fun, email the delightful Eric Miinch of Fratwurst… he’s coordinating the shows and will get you all the details.

  • Wednesday March 8th –Comedy Bar Cabaret – 8:30 and 10:30 pm

Hosts Needed!

We are looking for a team of show hosts to welcome the audience, deliver some messaging on behalf of TOsketchfest, to introduce the troupes and keep the energy up up up! If you’d like to be a show host, here’s what you need to know:

  • You MUST be available to host three FULL shows during the festival. Here is a list of shows requiring a host: Show Hosts Required 2017 – As of Feb 13
  • You MUST be willing to follow a script and deliver messaging about sponsors and donors with enthusiasm and without irony!
  • For your commitment of three shows or more, you WILL be compensated with 1) a 2017 TOskechfest T-shirt or other merchandise item of your choice (which you should wear on stage!), 2) a Steam Whistle for each show you host (or a non-alcoholic drink if you prefer!), and 3) $25 cash honourarium.
  • You WILL be able to watch the shows you are hosting. We’ll reserve you a front-row seat.

If you’d like to host some shows, please email Julianne and we’ll get you scheduled and ready to go!

Guess Who’s Coming to Improv

An improv show where anyone can play! Who you play with is a complete SURPRISE!

Improvisers are paired up to perform scene together … but they have NO IDEA who their partner will be! If you play, you might get matched with one of our special guest improvisers! Or, you might be matched with be someone who’s new to performing improv, looking to you to get more practice and experience; to feed off your expertise to craft an enjoyable and memorable performance. OR EVEN, you could be matched with your future-duo-partner for life!  Ya never know! The beauty here is to embrace the unknown, to go with it, and to have a blast!

  • Saturday March 4th –Comedy Bar Cabaret – 10:30 pm

Part of our Cabaret Series! Reach out to the incomparable Brie Watson if you’d like to play!

The Steam Whistle Sketch-u-Bators


A private party for TOsketchfest performers! Steam Whistle provides the drinks, you provide the entertainment. Perform up to 5 minutes of whatever: try a new sketch, play a favourite that didn’t make it into your set, swap sketches with another troupe… Anything goes, and it’s up to you! Just try to make other comedians laugh!

This is opportunity to have fun and share with other performers. This is not a competition to see who can be the most offensive, gross or outrageous. Please, help us keep Sketchubator fun, safe and respectful.

New this year!
In order to facilitate an earlier start time for Sketchubator, we’re moving the party to the Theatre Centre! Doors open for drinks and performance sign up at 11:00 pm, show starts at 11:30 pm and we will continue until we run out of performances or beer, whatever comes first!

  • Saturday March 4th –The Theatre Centre Incubator
  • Saturday March 10th –The Theatre Centre Incubator