MARCH 1-12, 2017#TOsketchfest17


Additional Performance Opportunities

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Sketch Smarts

Sketch Smarts






Host Derek Forgie wants to test your sketch comedy smarts in this cool new quiz show for performers! He needs 10 of you, each from a different troupe, to compete for fun and prizes!

Email to get in on the action.

The show is Friday, March 11th @ 11:00pm.

Check it out here!


The Steam Whistle Sketch-u-Bators


A private party for TOsketchfest performers! Steam Whistle provides the drinks, you provide the entertainment. Perform up to 5 minutes of whatever: try a new sketch, play a favourite that didn’t make it into your set, swap sketches with another troupe… Anything goes, and it’s up to you! Just try to make other comedians laugh!

This is opportunity to have fun and share with other performers. This is not a competition to see who can be the most offensive, gross or outrageous. Please, help us keep Sketchubator fun, safe and respectful.

Find a TOsketchfest producer at Comedy Bar on either Saturday night to put your name on the performer list starting at 11:59 pm. We’ll try to get through the whole list before we run out of beer!

  • Saturday March 5th – after midnight – Comedy Bar
  • Saturday March 11th – after midnight – Comedy Bar