Festival Awards

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TOsketchfest celebrates sketch comedy with four annual awards bestowed upon deserving Festival troupes. Descriptions of the awards are available on the Awards page. But there are some things that you should know as a a performer.

Additional Award Information for Performers:

  • This year Bruce McCulloch and Accent Entertainment will enter the winner of the Best of the Fest award into a television development deal!
  • All troupes, with the exception of the headlining acts, are eligible for the Festival Awards.
  • The winners of the Best of the Fest, Audience Choice and Producers’ Pick Awards will be announced at the Best of the Fest Awards show on Sunday March 15th, 8:00PM at the Theatre Centre Mainstage.
  • Nominations for the Understudies Memorial Award for Sketchiest Sketch Troupe will be accepted until the end of the Steam Whistle Sketchubator on Saturday March 14th and the winner will be announced at the end of that event.
  • If, during the March Festival, a troupe exceeds their allotted set length or causes willful damage to our host venues or Festival property, the troupe may be disqualified from eligibility for awards at the Producers’ discretion.

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