MARCH 1-12, 2017#TOsketchfest17


Tech Schedule

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Full Tech Schedule

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If you have any questions about your technical rehearsal date/time, please contact Krista MacIsaac-Barclay, Production  Manager.

Some Notes About Tech:

Tech Sheet and Audio/Video Cues:

Our stage managers prefer you have FULL PRINTED SCRIPTS with clearly marked cues. All audio or video files must be provided on a USB stick. OR… if you want to make the most of your technical rehearsal time, send a Dropbox link to your audio or video files to at least 24 hours prior to your technical rehearsal, and they will be uploaded to our production computers prior to your arrival at tech rehearsal.

Pro Tips for Preparing a Tech Sheet:

i) Make sure all your cues are on it (yes, there’s always someone, so don’t let it be you). Keep in mind lighting, music, sound effects, scoring, videos, transitions, etc.

ii) Highlight cues for the Stage Manager. It makes it easier to see in the dark theatre.

iii) Print the tech sheets off. Hand written tech sheets tend to leave room for large errors.

If you have any questions about assembling a tech sheet, feel free to email:

If you plan on using a cue sheet INSTEAD of full script, here is an example of a good one. But again, full printed scripts are preferred.

Theatre Centre Venue Walk Through

We are opening the doors to The Theatre Centre for troupes who want to walk the stage, see the lighting options, talk to the Stage Manager about your show, upload/format your audio and video cues in our production computers, and get your venue orientation. If you can, please attend the Walk Through so you can get the administration out of way and make the most of your limited tech rehearsal time.

Please RSVP to, so we know to expect you.

Theatre Centre Main and Incubator – Wednesday March 1st: 4:00 – 7:00 pm