MARCH 7-17, 2019


Tech Schedule

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If you have any questions about your technical rehearsal date/time, please contact Krista MacIsaac-Barclay, Production  Manager.

Theatre Centre Details:

We are running all audio and video cues from QLab in the Theatre Centre. At Comedy Bar, AV will be run off of the resident stage manager’s computer. For more info about Comedy Bar, please email Krista.

Acceptable Audio files:
AIFF, WAV, CAF, AAC, MP4, MP3 (the least great option)

Acceptable Video files:
ProRes 422 Proxy, ProRes 422 LT, PhotoJPG, H.264, MOV (MP4 video files are not good)
Acceptable Still images:
Please make these files available as soon as you have them! Get in contact with Krista MacIsaac-Barclay to be connected to your stage manager: You can send files via dropbox or email, USB stick or hard drive. Walk Through at the Theatre Centre is a wonderful time to bring in your cues and tech sheets. Our tech times are tight and we want to give you the best experience by being prepared!
The cues should have a number in their title to reflect their place in your cue list. This file name should also appear in your tech script.

Comedy Bar Details:

MP3/MP4 work best

Don’t bring CDs or DVDs Comedy bar does not even have a DVD player and a lot of laptops don’t even have a disk drive anymore

Hard copies of scripts pls. Having a digital copy doesn’t help when I have to use my computer for executing the sound cues. Full scripts preferred.

Techs absolutely refuse to play cues from YouTube.

Cabaret lights are off or on, no fade and no colours.

Preparing Your Tech Script:

Please make it very clear what the cue line or action is by making the line or action bold.
If you do not provide a complete script (because there are only cues at the top and bottom of the scene, or you want to save paper), please provide details like run times of sketches and a lead up to the blow line.


Play track 1 “1 Office sounds”, Lights up slowly on Cam and Matt sitting onstage


Cam, Did you take my white out?


**********5 minutes*******************************


That’s my name Matt Mussolini. SLAM DUNK!! JJJJJJJ! (he pretends to be making a slam dunk)

Lights down fast, play track 2  “2 Globe Trotters”

If you have any questions, please email Krista at