MARCH 7-17, 2019



Help us keep Canada laughing!

TOsketchfest is one of Canada’s only charities dedicated to supporting the development of Canadian comedic talent. We do this by providing performance opportunities, facilitating learning and networking events, and by offering direct comedy project funding. We feel that comedy is one of our nation’s greatest cultural exports, and that supporting its ongoing development is money well spent.

30×30 Fund Raiser

Each June, TOsketchfest’s Board of Directors is asking you to buy a day in June in support of The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. Every Board member approaches their #30x30Fundraiser a little differently, and always with a spirit of goofy fun!

Buy a joke for a friend!

Reward yourself with a dorky picture of Chris Earle!

Get personalized advice from Ron Burgundy (AKA Meg Mackeigan)!

Whatever your flavour of fun, your 30×30 gift is making a valued contribution to TOsketchfest’s activities, and to the present and future health of Canada’s incredibly rich, and diverse comedy ecosystem.

Support the #30x30Fundraiser now:



What does my donation do?

Your donation will create a world in which sketch comedy is the most important thing in Toronto for two weeks every March: where we can forget our fears and worries and simply laugh together; where comedy is rightfully celebrated as our nation’s greatest cultural export; and where Toronto’s comedy community is treated like the hilarious royalty they are.

Your gift will:

  • Make the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival happen!
  • Keep our ticket prices affordable so everyone can enjoy the hilarity!
  • Provide opportunities for troupes to showcase their work!
  • Provide learning and networking opportunities for comedians who are early in their comedy careers!

Are there other ways to make a donation?

Click the “Donate” button below or download our donation form and mail with your gift to:

Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival
19 Argyle Crescent, Picton ON K0K 2T0

Charitable registration number: 824216808 RR0001


Thank you to our 2016/17 Season Donors:

Michelle Adelman, Rebecca Barrett, Ellen Bayley, Amanda Bell, Paul Bradshaw, Neil Burke, Adam Busscher, Allan Esser, Peter Hill, Mathew Hamilton, Robert Knox, Margo Langford, Chris Leveille, Tom Lowden, Peter McHugh, Megan MacKeigan, Bryan MacLeod, Gord Naunton, Damien Nelson, Lesley Nicholls, Anand Rajaram, Allana Reoch, Cathy Rivard, Klaus Schuller, David Shore, Heather Spence, Paul and Julianne Snepsts, David Weaver