MARCH 3-13, 2016#TOsketchfest



As a not-for-profit, charitable organization, the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival works with the support of government partners, sponsors and donors like you to make Toronto a funnier place to be.

Supporters who make an annual gift of $20 or more become members of Team Rudy and enjoy some pretty nice perks and benefits. Want to receive an awesome e-magazine full of sketch news and comedy content? Join Team Rudy! Want discounts, front-of-the-line privileges, exclusive pre-sales, and party invites? Join Team Rudy! Want a sparkly cape bejeweled with rubies and diamonds? Uh… we’ll see what we can do about that!





Black Out – $20 – $49

  • Charitable tax receipt
  • Big Thanks on our website, lobby display and festival program

Big Laugh – $50 – $99

  • All of the above plus…
  • Quarterly E-Magazine filled with comedy content and news
  • Invitation to our Festival Wrap Party in April
  • A “Team Rudy Card” you can flash at the Festival for priority seating, special pricing on merch, concessions and workshops, and deals from our partners

Running Gag – $100 – $199

  • All of the above plus…
  • Exclusive pre-sale window and discount on TOsketchfest headliners and special presentations

Blow Line – $200 +

  • All of the above plus…
  • Two complimentary tickets to our swanky I Love Sketchfest event on January 21st and Steam Whistle Brewery

Click the “Donate” button below or download our donation form and mail with your gift to:

Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival
19 Argyle Crescent, Picton ON K0K 2T0

Charitable registration number: 824216808 RR0001



Thank you to all of our donors from the beginning of time until November 2014!

Ellie Arscott, Carlie Baxter, Ellen Bayley, Carol Beauchamp, Jean-Pierre Berlan, Carolyn Blaney, Stephen Boyd, David Calabrese, Frank Cipolla, Tammi Chalk, Ashley Comeau, Brian Couglin, Brian Crosby, Dierdre Currie, Will deGast, Harry Doupe, Denise Dusome, Heaton Dyer, Chris Earle, Ennis Esmer, Stephanie Esparza, Tracey Ferencz, Derek Forgie, Tammy Fox, Michie Garland, Constance Gilbert, Anthony Gilroy, Michelle Godfrey, Stephen Gomes, Michael Gorman, Mathew Hamilton, Chris Hannay, Jonny Harris, Giselle Harrison, Jane Heath, Michael Herrera, Peter Hill, Abby Ho, Cathie Hughes, Devin Hughes, Melanie Hunter, Halim Ibrahima, Nick Iozzo, Daniel Jackson, Brian Joe, Jodi Kalbfleisch, Rafi Kasmadjian, Margaret Keery, Pat Kelly, Jared Kerim, Rob Knox, Janet Lawrence, Tom Li, Simon McCamus, Darcy McKinnon, Thomas MacKay, Trace MacKay, Chris MacGowan, Megan MacKeigan, Ben Mariano, John Maynard, Gordon Meyer, Dave Migicovsky, Ryan Moldenhauer, Susan Muma, Deborah Murphy, Blake Sanford Murray, Sam Nardi, Gord Naunton, Erin  Neumann, Brittney Oberfeld, Kristy Petit-Pas, Kevin Phelan, James Pitts, Gerald Poisson, Paul Powers, Anand Rajaram, Hilary Read, Jesse Roper, Linda Rowe-Taylor, Robert Schroeder, Jeremy Schultz, Jennifer Scott, Shoel Silver, Carl M. Simpson, Rick Shears, Lochlan Smith, Laura Sinclair, Paul and Julianne Snepsts, Nancy Stead, Shea Stewart, Ellen Stroud, Troy Strum, Zachary Szamosvari, Carmel Terner, Anna Thompson, Frank Trachtenberg, Kayte Walters, Karen Walton, Madeleine White, James Wilde, Kyra Williams, Anonymous x 3