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Michael Ian Black - in Stella

Michael Ian Black’s opportunity to be hilarious

Here’s a little throw-back by Michael Ian Black from his days in the sketch series Stella. See what he’s up to these days LIVE at The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival! Michael Ian Black Tuesday, March […]

Brucio's World

It’s Brucio’s World

It’s Brucio’s World everybody.  Enjoy this little throwback treat as an appetizer for tonight’s premiere of his new solo show, “Young Drunk Punk” as part of The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.  There are still some […]

Kurt Braunohler's Secrets of America

Kurt Braunohler’s “Secrets of America”

Hello all of you shut-in Torontonians. Never been to New York?  Not to worry.  Kurt Braunohler is an excellent tour guide and a natural educator. He’ll be at TOsketchfest to share, among other things, his […]


British vs. American Humour

What about Canadian humour?

A lot has been made about the difference between British and American humour.  Here Stephen Fry gives his take on the subject. But what about Canadian humour?  We’re America’s unassuming, smaller neighbour (and yes, that […]