Bruce McCulloch - Young Drunk Punk

Bruce McCulloch

(Los Angeles)
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Bruce has written or performed several one-man shows including Two-Headed Roommate, Jazz Stenographers, Slightly Bigger Cities and most recently The Pink Dot Stories in San Francisco. Bruce has two spoken word/ comedy/ music CD’s Shame-based Man and The Drunk Baby Project which also feature Mr. Connelly.

Bruce is the author of Let’s Start a Riot: Stories of Bravery and Stupidity and is currently working on a new original comedy series based on Young Drunk Punk – a semi-autobiographical coming of age story with a distinctly McCulloch point of view.

Bruce is a member of the “The Kids in the Hall” who recently returned to T.V. with the mini-series “Death Comes to Town.” Bruce spends most of his time in L.A. where he writes and produces for network and cable television. He’s also known as the creator of ABC’s short-lived (and perhaps under appreciated) “Carpoolers.”

Bruce has written and/or directed several films including Dog Park starring Luke Wilson, Superstar starring Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell, Stealing Harvard starring Jason Lee and Leslie Mann and Comeback Season starring Ray Liotta. Bruce has also recently acted in episodes of Workaholics and the new season of Arrested Development.