TOsketchfest Cabaret Series

Cabaret Series


A series of $10 performances in the Comedy Bar Cabaret, nightly during the festival. At 8:30 pm we bring together a collection of TOsketchfest troupes to perform sketches based on a theme. At 10:30 pm, we present a variety of the most awesome and innovative comedy shows Toronto has to offer – stand-up, sketch, improv and genres that defy classification!

Thursday March 6th (8:30 pm)– “Best Nerdy Sketches”
Get ready for a night of weird science, awkward silence, comic book references and alternate endings to Battlestar Galactica. The nerd factor will be off the charts!
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Friday March 7th
(8:30 pm)– “Best Crime Sketches”
Cops and robbers, white collar crime, CSI parodies and serving time… this show will be so funny, it’ll be like stealing candy from a baby.
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Friday March 7th (10:30 pm)– The Panel Show
The award-winning comedy quiz where the guests are funny, the questions a dumb, and the winner gets ONE MILLION DOLLARS*. Hosted by Ned Petrie and Featuring sketchfest favourites Mike Polk (Last Call Cleveland), Mike Kiss (Deadpan Powerpoint, The Majors), Dave Tichauer (Ned & Dave), and MORE.  *-Make that a ‘Novelty-Sized Cheque With ONE MILLION DOLLARS Written On It!’
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Saturday March 8th (8:30 pm) – “Best ‘Being a Woman’ Sketches”
Top-knotch comediennes (and some fine men in drag) explore the best – and worst – things about being a woman. It’s your prerogative to come have a little fun.
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Saturday March 8th (10:30 pm) – Laugh Sabbath All Female Comics
An International Women’s Laugh Sabbath w/ Sara Hennessey, Kathleen Phillips, Steph Tolev, Steph Kaliner, Sandra Battaglini, Jess Beaulieu, Amanda Brook Perrin & Dawn Whitwell!
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Sunday March 9th (8:30 pm) – “Best Commercial Parodies”
Shmarmy salesman, schlocky slogans, improbable products and some conditions apply… Long live one of the greatest tropes of sketch comedy: the commercial parody.
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Sunday March 9th (10:30 pm) – Pitch Cast
Pitchcast is the hilarious podcast hosted by Paul Beer and Illya Klymkiw where guests come up with movie pitches based on a random assortment of actors, genres and titles. They each have five minutes to craft a pitch that will win over the audience and fellow guests.
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Thursday March 13th (8:30 pm) – “Best Musical Sketches”
Hilarious song parodies, clever original tunes, and a few all-out show-stopping numbers. A show of singing and dancing from comedic performers who should probably neither sing nor dance.
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Friday March 14th (8:30 pm) – “Best Medical Sketches”
White coats, black humour. Doctors and nurses, researchers and patients, improbable diseases and impossible cures. Explore the world of medical science through the twisted microscope of sketch comedy.
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Friday March 14th (10:30 pm) – Teh Internets Quiz Show
Teh Internets Quiz Show is an onstage comedy panel/quiz show where we ask funny people funny questions about the funny internet. Join hot comedy talent in Toronto as they dive into trivia and play internet-themed games, receiving points for being funny, for being interesting — and sometimes even for being correct. Hosted by Thomas MacKay, with Lindsay Grant on (computer) keyboard.
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Saturday March 15th (8:30 pm) – “Best St. Patrick’s Day Sketches”
In honour of the great Irish drinking holiday, a mash-up of TOsketchfest troupes will parade out their best St. Paddy’s Day material. Everything is fair game, from driving snakes out of Ireland to the glory of a pint of black. Kiss us! Tonight we’re Irish!
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Saturday March 15th (10:30 pm) – Werid Al Karaoke
Weird Al Karaoke is not really karaoke and Weird Al won’t be there, but we’re going to sing some silly songs regardless. Check out some of the city’s funniest performers singing LIVE their own parodies of modern hits and timeless classics.
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Sunday March 16th (8:30 pm) – “Best Closers”
Infectious show-stopping numbers, rock solid crowd-pleasers, wrapping things up and maybe even blowing things up. These sketches will leave you cheering for more!
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