TOsketchfest Cabaret Series

Cabaret Series

Content Rating: General TOsketchfest Audience

A series of $10 performances in the Comedy Bar Cabaret, you’ll be treated to a cozy side-stage with dozens of acts and cool comedy formats. All 8:30 pm shows here will bring together a collection of troupes to perform one sketch based on a theme. All 10:30 pm shows will present one of the many innovative and interesting comedy shows Toronto has to offer – stand-up, sketch, panel-game and genres that defy classification!


Thursday March 5th (8:30 pm)– “Law and Order

From lawyers, cops, robbers and other criminals, these sketches may include angry police chiefs, incompetent legal practice and criminals who only think they’re committing a crime. 

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Thursday March 5th (10:30 pm)– Chuckle Co. presents: Stand-Up In Character

Ever wondered what it would be like if Doctor Doom did stand-up? How about Abe Lincoln? Jennifer Lawrence? Garfield?

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Friday March 6th
(8:30 pm)– “Christmas

Yes, Christmas in March! Come see those holiday sketches that ordinarily would only be performed within December. And who knows, maybe a special someone will come bring the audience presents!
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Friday March 6th (10:30 pm)– Teh Internets Quiz Show

Come see four hilarious TIQS contestants, plucked from the Sketchfest roster, as they test their knowledge of internet trends, viral media, and, this month, indulge in the art of the perfect — or the perfectly awful — hashtag

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Saturday March 7th (8:30 pm) – “The News

From late-night broadcasters failing spectacularly, to the heady offices of Buzzfeed, to J. Jonah Jameson, expect to run the gamut of journalism’s comedic character repertoire from troupes who have probably never been to journalism school.

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Saturday March 7th (10:30 pm) – Speculation

Have you been waiting to see an episode of Friends where Ross falls off a mountain? Or a scene in The Golden Girls where Sophia punches a shark? Now’s your chance. Toronto comedians write and read hilarious spec scripts for TV shows you know and love!

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Sunday March 8th (8:30 pm) – “Commercial Parodies
But wait! There’s more! Shmarmy salesman, schlocky slogans, improbable products and some conditions apply… Long live one of the greatest tropes of sketch comedy: the commercial parody.
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Thursday March 12th (8:30 pm) – “Weird Science

Aliens, mad scientists, mutants and things she blinded me with, this show will throw a bunch of Sci-Fi (and maybe real science) at you for your enjoyment! 

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Thursday March 12th (10:30 pm) – The Panel Show

The Panel Show is the comedy quiz where the questions are dumb, the contestants are funny, and the winner gets ONE MILLION DOLLARS*!

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Friday March 13th (8:30 pm) – “Friday the 13th
Spooky sketches, people with unending bad luck or maybe just a dude in a hockey mask applying for a bank loan, this show should cure your triskaidekaphobia!

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Friday March 13th (10:30 pm) – Adventures in Zulk

Two of Toronto’s top sketch comedians, Mark Little (Picnicface, Get Some) and Peter Stevens (Elephant Empire) come together for a night of skits, bits, and the ongoing story of two teens on a rescue mission in a fantasyland called Zulk. Stuff on a thingy, that sounds fun!

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Saturday March 14th (8:30 pm) – Musical Comedy

Hilarious song parodies, clever original tunes, and a few all-out show-stopping numbers. A show of singing and dancing from comedic performers who should probably neither sing nor dance.

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Saturday March 14th (10:30 pm) – Werid Al Karaoke
Weird Al Karaoke is not really karaoke and Weird Al won’t be there, but we’re going to sing some silly songs regardless. Check out some of the city’s funniest performers singing LIVE their own parodies of modern hits and timeless classics.

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Sunday March 15th (8:30 pm) – “St. Patrick’s Day
In honour of the great Irish drinking holiday, a mash-up of TOsketchfest troupes will parade out their best St. Paddy’s Day material. Everything is fair game, from driving snakes out of Ireland to the glory of a pint of black. Kiss us! Tonight we’re Irish!
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