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Content Rating: General TOsketchfest Audience
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The Show:

This will be our seventh year in the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. We've toured North America winning countless awards for comedy and public speaking. This brand new show is easily the best we've ever made. If you haven't seen us, then there's something wrong with you. See us and be part of Toronto comedy history. -Evan Arppe, Eric Miinch, Josh Murray.

The Bio:

Our show is a play built in a sketch comedy format. Each scene stands on its own but the whole thing comes together to form a complete narrative. We’ve been at this format for a while and we’re happy with what we bring.

We enjoy high levels of word play with believable characters in surreal situations. By utilizing avant-garde styles of theatre, we really cause an audience to analyze the subtext of our scenes and push them to understand that we’re not only making them laugh, but we’re pushing the boundaries of Western Culture. Also shit jokes.