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Content Rating: General TOsketchfest Audience
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The Show:

Panacea! flirts with the boundaries between the dark side of humanity and the hilarious mundanities that go hand-in-hand with being alive. Panacea! can be your cure, a placebo, a placeholder or a very cheap pinot grigio. "Gut-bustingly funny... I'll see anything they do." - Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine.

The Bio:

Influences: Ru Paul’s Drag Race, henny!
Nicky teaches Beyography.
Marshall from New Zealand.
Allana is accomplished.
Gillian is going through something.

Panacea! has members of The Sketchersons, and The Second City Touring Company in it.

Featuring Nicky Nasrallah, Marshall Lorenzo, Allana Reoch, Gillian Bartolucci