Parker and Seville

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Content Rating: General TOsketchfest Audience

The Show:

Parker & Seville (Dave Barclay and Matt Kowall) have been performing together for ten years and have the loose chemistry of longtime friends. Their confidence on stage is disproportionately large compared to their abilities as humans. They have a lot of sketches where someone is on the phone.

The Bio:

Parker & Seville
– won the Sketchiest Sketch Troupe award at TOSketchfest 2014
– are both part of O Dat Dum, a multiple-award winning sketch troupe also appearing at this festival
– want you to know that one of them is on TV on a show called The Beaverton pretty regularly
– want you to know that one of them works with dogs on a daily basis
– used to only perform vaudeville-style comedy and would host a lot of burlesque shows. But now they do whatever makes them laugh.
– have performed in the cities of Chicago, Boston, New York and Montreal
– love DA BLUE JAYS!!!!
– love sketch comedy and this festival. Thanks for being here.