Peter N' Chris
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The Show:

Peter N' Chris are a 3 Time Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch troupe that have been seen on Just For Laughs, CBC and CollegeHumor. Known for their very physical and narrative driven sketch comedy, Peter N' Chris have gained a large following on the Fringe Festival and Sketch Festival circuit over the last 9 years. The Globe and Mail even called them "comedy legends" in an article one time. Come and see this fresh new Peter N Chris show!

The Bio:

Peter n’ Chris (Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson) are a 3 time Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch troupe from Vancouver BC (Best Sketch Troupe and Best Comedic Play 2013/2014). They have performed in acclaimed festivals such as Just For Laughs, JFL42, The San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival and the Chicago Sketch Fest. They were a featured act at the 2013 and 2014 Toronto Sketch festival where they earned back to back ‘Audience Choice’ awards. They are contributing writers to CBC Radio 1’s sketch comedy show The Irrelevant Show, CBC Punchline, have contributed video content to CollegeHumor, and write for the web series White Ninja staring Paul Scheer

Peter n’ Chris also frequently tour the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit where they earn frequent Best of Fest Awards, having built a large following across Canada and the U.S for their fast-paced, cinematic and extremely physical style that pushes comedic theatre to its limits.