The Williamson Playboys

The Williamson Playboys

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Billing themselves as “the oldest living father-son Cajun music duo”, and claiming to have had a hand in inventing every musical genre since the 19th century, the Williamson Playboys are ancient comedic and musical treasures.  Doug Morency plays Cecil Jr., aged 141 years.  Paul Bates plays his father, Rufus.  Not only are they a wealth of fascinating, hilarious, faux trivia, but when they play, their years drop away; as Rufus’ palsied, shaking fingers grip his tuba with renewed vigor, you will experience the unlikely belief that these two really did create all things musically cool.

The characters of the Williamson Playboys were created at the Second City.  Since then they have played to sold-out houses in Winnipeg, Chicago, Toronto and Montreal.  They have performed at Just For Laughs Toronto, and in 2008 appeared as special guest stars on the NBC series “Last Comic Standing.”

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