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Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect from your show.


For the most part, shows are double- or triple-bills. The running order is roughly:

  • Welcome and intro from a TOsketchfest producer
  • Troupe 1
  • Troupe 2
  • Intermission 10 minutes
  • Troupe 3

The performance order is not necessarily what appears on the show page on our website. When you arrive for tech time, your Technical Director will reconfirm your set length and your performance order.

A TOsketchfest producer will act as the “host” for the show. They will intro each troupe and kill time with the audience between troupes if needed. There is no back-stage wrangler, so the onus is on you and your troupe to be ready to hit the stage when the host introduces you.

If you have a particularly elaborate set-up or you are planning to make a bigĀ  mess (we encourage you not to, but if it is absolutely necessary…) please notify the technical director and the host so they are prepared to cover the transition with a video sketch.

A Note About Set Lenghts

It is extremely important that you perform the set length that was sent to you with your performance details, and not a minute more. When a troupe runs long, not only does it put the whole festival schedule off track, but it also exhausts the audience and disrespects the performers who follow you.

Please time your set and factor in some time for scene changes and uproarious laughter. If your set runs long the technical director will cut you off at the next appropriate opportunity, regardless of where you are in your set. In addition, if you run over your allotted set length, TOsketchfest will disqualify your troupe from festival awards.

Recording Your Set

You are very welcome (and encouraged) to take the opportunity to record your set at the Festival. Here’s what you should know:

  • You must let us know in advance!! Email Ashley and she’ll make sure that the Technical Director and Box Office know what to expect.
  • In order to accommodate cameras and camera people, we can strike up to two seats: these can be either comp seats for your crew to sit in or seats that we remove from the house to make space for tripods etc.
  • And hey… if you’ve arranged a great crew, why don’t you reach out to the other acts on your bill and see if they want to get in on the action/contribute to the recording costs?


As a rule, personal comps are not available to performers in the festival. There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • Camera crews and their equipment. See above.
  • We will accommodate requests for comp tickets for legitimate members of the entertainment industry (producers, casting directors, agents etc.) You must send your request to our Professional Development/Industry Manager, Ian MacIntyre in advance so that he can arrange for tickets and Industry credentials for your guest.





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