Sketchfest Survival Guide

Sketchfest Survival Guide

Sketchfest Survival Guide

Ah yes… Comedy Christmas is upon us! But lest your pleasant dreams of future funny are turning into anxious nightmares of indecision and sold-out shows, we’ve got you covered!

The TOsketchfest Survival Guide is here to help make your experience as smooth as possible. We cover what to look forward to, and what to look out for while you’re looking out for #1 (comedy, in this case).

Dress In Layers

Hopefully spring will pull a Sir-Mix-a-Lot and get sprung by the time the festival arrives, but March weather can be a cruel mistress. A cold outside to a cozy bar space can be a bit too warm if you’re in a wool sweater. Plus, a toasty theatre is not unheard of, especially when it’s full of laughing people. (It’s a scientific fact!) Really though, layers can be a big help in optimizing your comfort in the crowd. Protip: cardigans are great, but pros know to bring extra socks as they are liable to be knocked off.

Bring a Buddy

Much like in elementary school, when venturing out into the unknown it’s best to have a buddy. Consider Sketchfest recess, an unexplored playground of comedy upon which we encourage you to run metaphorically amok! But rambunction and ruckus are always more fun with a pal. It’s not stand up, it’s not improv, it might be something your friends may not have seen before. They won’t be sketched out if you invite them to sketch-out with you!  Just maybe don’t phrase it like that.

If your buddy is your family (with kids), don’t forget to bring a trusty stroller for when the little ones are tired, so they don’t get fussy. Read full review of this awesome double stroller we’ve found and see if it’s the right fit for you.


If you’re looking to get the full festival experience and see multiple shows, we know that it’s key to stay hydrated. Laughter can really dry you out, as can having a couple of tasty Steam Whistles or County Cider. Bring a reusable custom bottled water and keep yourself hydrated for maximum H20:C2H60:L0L ratio.

PS: Make sure you’re fed, too! Perhaps prep a little knapsnack/snackchel, with a snack or two for before you get to the theatre. But both The Theatre Centre and Comedy Bar have great menus!


Maybe not during the show, mind you. But the benefits of some between-show comedy calisthenics can really help get your blood flowing and wake up any sleeping limbs.  We do not recommended doing this while in line or while holding a drink.

Grab Tickets In Advance

We know this sounds cheesy, but we really are just looking out for you! It will make things faster for you when arriving, and help you avoid the disappointment of sold out shows.

But Vanessa, you ask, how can I buy in advance when I’m not sure what I want to see yet?

To which I say, why, thank you for addressing me by name! It gives this article a real personal touch. Oh, and to answer your question, we’ve got three more tips for you!

Study Up!

Having such an extensive lineup of top-notch troupes can be overwhelming, especially for first timers! That’s why we’ve got so much supplementary info about our troupes on our website! Feel free to click around, read their bios, go to their sites and watch videos, or even better, ask one of our friendly box office staff members for a recommendation! Think about the sketch comedy you’ve liked in the past; are you a Kids in the Hall head or is Monty Python your cup of tea? Is Key and Peele your preference, or Broad City, or both? Our Box Office reps will help you out – no problem. Give ’em a call! 647-505-1050!

Talk to a Sketch Comedian

Did you see a show, a troupe or a specific performer that really made you laugh? Don’t be afraid to say hi if you see them after the show! In general they are a friendly crew, not exactly known for being shy. If you thought they were great, find out who they think is great!  I know it can be intimidating, but I promise they won’t bite – unless they are performing and the scene calls for it, of course; in which case, get off the stage! Talk to them after the show.

Hear the Buzz

Still not sure what you want to see? Social media is always a-buzz with the DL on what shows to catch.  Follow us @tosketchfest, tweet about your experience with #TOsketchfest18, check out what troupes and reviews have to say. It’s easy to find out who’s in from out of town that you don’t want to miss, who the local heroes are, which solo sketch performers could be the belle of this year’s ball. There really is something for everyone, and the magic of social media can help you find what works for you!

Ask the Comedy Concierge

Finally, if you’re still confounded be the ridiculous amount of choice available to you at TOsketchfest, hit up the Comedy Concierge! Our staff have grouped together acts in a fun and functional way.

Get Pumped!

Last but certainly not least, get excited for Toronto’s annual sketch comedy extravaganza! It only happens like this once a year, you know! You might want to consider moving to the site for a while just so don’t miss anything. The guys at can help. For all you know, it might turn out to be the start of a lucrative career. Can’t wait to see you there!

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