Norm Sousa

Where’s Norm Sousa?

Now that the 2017 Toronto Sketch Festival is behind us and all of our wildest dreams came true we can all go back to normal life. There was just one thing that was missing from this year’s festival… Where in the heck was Norm Sousa?

Norm has been one of the staples in the sketch comedy community in Toronto and a big part of the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival for the past decade. He’s been in the festival with three different troupes!  His original group and winners of the Sharp Blackmore Commercial Parody contest, punchDRYSDALE, The Canadian Comedy Award winning super group The Sketchersons and his sketch comedy duo mash up and 3 time Sketch Com-ageddon runner-up The Local Drysdales.

Norm Sousa in "Never Ever Do This"Many people in Canada know Norm as the host of Never Ever Do This At Home on Discovery and Too Much Information on Super Channel which also featured sketch fest talent such fellow Sketcherson Pat Thornton, star of Superstore on NBC and Second City Alumni Lauren Ash and one of our favorite character performers Kathleen Phillips.

As it turns out Norm is a busy guy these days. Currently living in Los Angeles California, Norm has been performing sketches at Fox Sports Live with fellow Canadians Jay Onrait, Dan O’Toole and the other half of The Local Drysdale’s Brendan Halloran. Working at Fox gave Norm the opportunity to work on sketches during Fox Sports Live’s Super Bowl and World Series coverage as well as sketches for the UFC on Fox. Pretty cool stuff.

All that hasn’t stopped Norm from working in Television, he’s currently co-starring in the new Amazon series “Patriot” where you can see him abducted and hogtied with duct tape on a hotel room floor. It’s not really a spoiler when it’s on the billboard. At this time the show is only available in the US but we can still play the Patriot 16-bit mini game online.

Norm is still performing sketch comedy in Los Angeles and when he’s back in Toronto he always makes sure to head to his old stomping grounds, Comedy Bar to host Toronto’s friendliest Improvised death match, Catch23.

Turns out you’re never really missing Norm Sousa because he’s always in our hearts and minds… may he rest in peace… wait… he’s still alive?!