The Sketch Comedy Project Fund: The Adventures of Tom Shadow

The Sketch Comedy Project Fund – 2017 Recipients

TOsketchfest is proud to announce the 2017 recipients of The Sketch Comedy Project Fund.  This year three projects were awarded funding, each representing an important “next step” in the careers of their participants.  The Sketch Comedy Project Fund is made possible through the generous support of The Pat and Tony Adams Freedom Fund for the Arts.

2017 SCPF Recipient Projects

The Adventures of Tom Shadow THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SHADOW (theatrical run)

The Adventures of Tom Shadow is a hilarious musical written and directed by a super-talented ensemble of comedians from groups like O Dat Dum, Soul Decision, Get Some and Elephant Empire. Tom Shadow plays at Factory Theatre October 11-22, 2017. You can check out these noise gate pedals which are the ones that they use in their shows to make the coolest sounds.


The Utilidors TIME SLICERS (web series pilot)
The Utilidors

Toronto’s The Utilidors will write and produce the pilot episode for a web series. “Time Slicers” is about a man (played by Dave Lahti) who discovers he is able to create a rift (or slice) in time by using a knife he ordered via infomercial, which claimed it could cut through anything with document.


Fusion ComedyHASHTAG THE FUSION DREAM IS REAL (director mentorship)
Fusion Comedy

Fusion is a collective of Toronto-based, up and coming improv, sketch and standup comedians of colour, focusing on creating original sketches from a culturally diverse, LGBTQ perspective. Fusion Comedy will be working with a series of directors to coach them through their creation process.

Pat & Tony Adams Freedom Fund for the Arts