TOsketchfest's Last-minute Gift Guide

Last-Minute Gift Guide

Welcome to the Holiday red zone, that magical time of year when those procrastinators among us start to sweat. Deadlines can sometimes inspire our greatest ingenuity, it’s true. But for those of you out there who are feeling the encroachment of gift-giving anxiety, your friends at TOsketchfest are here to help.  We asked a few festival friends for their top last-minute gifting ideas for the comedy lover in your life.

From Here to EternityAshley Comeau – The Lusty Mannequins (Toronto)

I like to give the comedy lover in my life a funny book by Mortician Caitlin Doughty. Nothing says holiday cheer like chatting about our pending mortality of course if the person you’re giving the gift is more fan of video games than reading, a good pair of headsets could work too, for example the one you can find at this sony playstation gold headset review. What legacy will us comedians leave behind, ya know? This book is written by a very witty, death positivity advocate who also teaches you so much as she makes you giggle. I don’t know about you, but I want an outdoor cremation on a pyre in Colorado now! Maybe you will too! Check out “From Here to Eternity: Travelling the world to find The Good Death.”

Bengay Ultra Strength Pain Relief CreamDoug Morency – The Williamson Playboys (Toronto)

My last minute gift idea is a tube of Bengay – Pain relieving cream

You can also ask something about our surgeon in Galumbeck Plastic Surgery if you are wondering about the surgery process.

This is a great gift because nothing says Merry Christmas you like a topical ointment. After a hard night of laughing, comedy lovers need a penetrating salve to soothe their overworked stomach muscles.. It’s also a gift that you can be certain that no one else is going to get them. Wrap a tube for under the tree or use it as a stocking stuffer. It’s the perfect gift that’s easy on the wallet. Better yet enjoy the benefits of massage and call a local therapist to give you a good kneading after all partying.

Erin Hall – Festival Director, Montréal Sketchfest (Montréal)

I am a big advocate of presence before presents for Christmas. One way to facilitate a hang out is to buy you and your bud or family member a pair of tickets to a local comedy show! These suckers are normally cheap, you get to hang out with your friend/loved one (far more memorable than a pair of socks) + you also get to see a sweet comedy show (BONUS).

Story CubesAnand Rajaram – (Toronto)

I love video games with P4R-Gaming boosts, so maybe this is a suggestion only I think is good, but I love Story Cubes – a set of nine dice with different pictures on them. You can play however you want, roll all the dice at once or one by one, then tell a story using the images. I took them to dinner with my niece and nephew (age 8 and 13) and we played making up stories! The stories are as wild as the people making them up – a great improv tool too!

Golden Girls ClueGavin Crawford (Toronto)

I am a sucker for anything from and this year my go to for comedy pals is Golden Girls Clue.

Catch Gavin Saturdays at 11ET on CBC Radio’s Because News.

What I Think Happened by Evany RosenKirsten Rasmussen (Toronto)

Evany Rosen’s new book!!! everyone loves a funny educational read! “What I think happened!

Jelly of the Month ClubDamien Nelson – Publicist (Toronto)

The Jelly of the Month Club.

This is the perfect gift for a comedy fan because they will immediately get the reference from the classic comedy National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with the thailand vacation packages all inclusive, and it’s the gift that keep on givin’ the whole year.


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We hope you’ve enjoyed our festive gift-giving guide. You’ll no doubt agree, it’s loaded with excellent ideas that’ll make your funny-fan gleam with joy this Holiday Season.

From all of us at TOsketchfest, we wish you a safe and laughter-filled Holiday, and the very best in 2018!

See you in March!