Williamson Playboys Christmas

The Williamson Playboys Holiday Q&A

Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone’s favourite Father and Son Cajun Music Duo are back with their first Christmas album in 150 years! Still Alive For The Holidays is a sampling of some of The Williamson Playboys’ favourite Christmas songs. Recorded live at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival in March 2018, this funny and festive comedy Christmas album is not for the whole family.

We secured an exclusive interview with The Williamson Playboys to get the scoop on where they get their Christmas cheer.

1) What inspired you to write a Christmas album after all these years?

It all started with a letter we received in the mail from a young child. This boy lived alone with his adopted parents. His family didn’t have much to give during the holidays, so this boy wrote us explaining that all he wanted for Christmas was a song. Anyways, after we threw that letter away, a businessman called and offered us money for a Christmas album and we said yes.

2) Does your family have a special or quirky Christmas tradition?

We have many Christmas traditions. The biggest one is the werewolf hunt. When the full moon appears we make a list of all the friends and loved ones we suspect have been turned by lycanthropy, and we resolve to hunt them down before they do the same to us. Note that this doesn’t always coincide with Christmas, more often it coincides with the full moon. But at Christmas time the tradition is enriched by mistletoe, wherein if you find yourself under the mistletoe with a werewolf, you must kiss the werewolf instead of kill it. This is where the song “Kiss the Werewolf” comes from, as well as the erotic Italian film of the same name.

3) How many times have your performed at the North Pole?

We have been the on board entertainment for three lost arctic expeditions. The next time we will ask to be paid up front.

4) What is the greatest Christmas gift you have ever received?

The greatest Christmas gift we ever received is a white Bengal tiger. We loved it, raised it, trained it, taught it to love humans for its whole life except for one moment when it snaps and mauls its master, and then re-gifted it to Siegfried & Roy.

5) Are you on the naughty list or the nice list?

We are on the much longer Morally Ambiguous list.

6) What do you want Santa to bring you this year?

The warm and welcoming embrace of death.

7) We all know The Williamson Playboys are the true authors of White ChristmasBlue Christmas and many more. What other classic Christmas songs are you responsible for?

We have written the full spectrum of Christmas Songs. Green Christmas, about being jealous of what your neighbour got from Santa; Red Christmas, about Soviet yule tide merriment; Yellow Christmas, a song about snow; Black Christmas, the soundtrack to the horror film Black Christmas; Mauve Christmas, about Jesus; and Brown Christmas, a P.S.A. about dysentery.

Still Alive for the Holidays is available now!

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