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Cavendish Q&A with Mark Little

Mark Little and Andy Bush were members of the legendary troupe Picnicface, have had great success on stage and screen, and have both performed at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival many times. Mark and Andy are back again with their new scripted comedy series Cavendish on CBC, and we spoke with Mark ahead of the premiere.

1) In Cavendish, you play brothers Andy and Mark Bickering who get mixed up in a “misadventure” each week based on local superstitions. How did you go about collecting these stories when developing the show?

Just to clarify, our last name in the show is Tennesen, not Bickering. I’m assuming you thought it was Bickering because we’ve been referred to as “Bickering brothers” and I think that is very cute. (Editor’s Note: Yep. That’s exactly what happened.)

But to the question at hand: all the stories in this season were developed from a series of shared dreams Andy and I had while hooked up to our “night device.” Each morning we’d wake up, sop up the blood that had dripped from our ears, and discuss what we’d dreamt. Per union rules, we also hired a writers’ room full of top Canadian talent. Their job duties consisted of googling “how much blood can drip from your ears at night before it’s too much?” They also wrote a bunch of scripts I guess, who cares.

2) Did you receive support from the various Maritime communities to tell their stories, or spooky warnings to stay away and save yourself?

I have a friend who really wanted us to do an episode about how he only paid $20 for a high-quality air mattress at Canadian Tire. I’m completely serious. He pitched that to me like eight different times. Eventually he wore me down so yeah that’s three of the episodes now plus the finale. Whoops!

3) Who are some of the guest stars we might see throughout Season 1? The Littlest Hobo, maybe?

I’m proud to say we rejected every opportunity for a guest star in order to pursue Canada’s noble tradition of nepotism. Each time a celeb begged to be on the show we said, “No, that role goes to my dad.”

4) Who would win in a fight? The Ogopogo or the West Point Sea Serpent?

I reject the premise of this question.

5) You and Andy also co-created the hilarious podcast My Gorgeous Son. Will Rollie cross over into a Cavendish episode?

Can Cavendish handle two Rollies? This is the question no one is asking and even fewer understand. Let’s just agree that the podcast is hilarious and that’s why no one listens to it, because they’re overwhelmed by how hilarious it is.

The series premiere of CAVENDISH is on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 9:30 p.m. (10 NT) on CBC and the CBC Gem streaming service.