#SketchfestThrowback: Tom Hearn

What have you been up to in the pandy?

A year ago, we were gathered for TOsketchfest 2020, one of the last live events that many comedians and comedy lovers did together in the “before times.” A pandemic was declared in the middle of our festival and our world was turned upside down.

This week, we’re flooded with memories of last year’s festival. At the same time, we are planning TOsketchfest 2021: The Screen Time Edition, an entirely online festival running March 24-28 (Tickets and lineup will be revealed soon!)

To mark this one year anniversary, we asked comedians what they remember from TOsketchfest 2020, what they’ve been doing in the past year, and what to expect from their 2021 TOsketchfest digital appearance.

We checked in with Tom Hearn, a prolific comedian who performed in one of the very last public shows at TOsketchfest 2020, and who will (spoiler alert) be a featured creator in our 2021 Screen Time Edition festival.

Q: Can you share a memory from the 2020 festival?

A: My favourite memory was directing Ajahnis Charley’s award-winning show Thots and Prayers. I finally got to see their second performance. It was such an exhilarating feeling to sit back and watch Ajahnis wipe away everyone’s pre-pandy fears for 30 minutes. 

Tom Hearn on stage in dim blue light, his back to audience and his right hand in the air holding a microphone.

Tom Hearn’s raucous solo set, performed at Comedy Bar, was among the very last shows at TOsketchfest 2020.

Q: What do you remember about those final days of the festival, as the reality of the pandemic was sinking in?

A: My final show was on March 14th and it was one of the last of the festival. It was such a strange feeling at Comedy Bar. A place I consider a home felt surreal. During the show I had to hold back from going to dance in the aisle as Doug Ford. I said something as dumb as Doug as I closed the show: “See you in 2 weeks!” LOL! 

Q: What have you been up to in the last year, creatively or otherwise?

A: I’ve been laying in my bed. Walking my dog. Crying. Hosting shows and doing skittys. But I’ve really fallen in love with painting my face. It brings me calming energy to stare at something so beautiful for HOURS.

Paul Snepsts in a children's play room with a camera phone on a tripod. He is pointing to the camera and making an excited face.

When he’s not painting his face for hours, Tom (Hunni Krüller) teaches a unique “Comedy for Drag Artists” class online through Improv College.

Q: What do you miss most about performing, festivals, and/or the community?

A: I miss the laughter. I miss being together to watch a really good show. I miss being inspired by people’s AMAZING shows and comedy.

Q: What can we expect from your appearance in 2021 TOsketchfest: The Screen Time Edition?

A: We’ve been locked up for a year. To What End? It’s kinda become my phrase during the Pandy. We are in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC… TO WHAT END? I’m doing a solo comedy special filmed from my home!! It’s called – you got it – TO WHAT END. And there’s no COVID content. 

Paul sits at his desk in his home office with two screens in front of him. He is turned around to smile at the camera.

Tom has been prolific in the pandemic, producing character pieces, sketches, and performing in online shows.

Tom Hearn is a Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch comedian, improvisor and producer. PRE-PANDY, he was touring his 5-star reviewed solo show “SLANG.”  During the PANDY, Tom has carved out a space for himself online, creating sketches and content for his YouTube page and hosting/playing in shows like Theatresports, The Oval and Hookup on Bad Dog Comedy TV.

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