MARCH 2021 #TOsketchfest21 – Screen Time Edition


The 2020 TOsketchfest Film Fest presented by CBC

The 4th annual TOsketchfest Film Fest presented by CBC kicked off The 2020 edition of The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival on March 4th. It was a packed house and non-stop laughs; the perfect kickoff to TOsketchfest’s 15th anniversary season.

We’re thrilled to partner with CBC in presenting some of the best comedic shorts anywhere.

The 2020 Outstanding Comedy Short Award Winner

Uncle Saaajiid: Live from The Internet

This is the self-made Talk-Show that is written, directed and edited by Saaajiid, an aging, out-of-touch Indian man who dreams of becoming the next Jimmy Fallon.

Director and Writer: Darrell Faria
Cast: Darrell Faria and Kris Siddiqi

The 2020 Nominees for Outstanding Comedy Short

The Toque Lewk

The hottest new music video about the coldest fashion trend your ears have known.

Directors and Writers: Andrew Fleming and Tyson Coady
Cast: Andrew Fleming and Tyson Coady

The Toque Lewk

Girls Night

What happens when one girl in the group decides not to drink on GIRLS NIGHT?

Director: Connor Martin
Writers: Lizzy McGroder and Hannah Pilkes
Cast: Jasmine Elist, Hannah Pilkes, Lizzy McGroder, and Caitlin Curl

Girls Night

Spooky Call

Erica receives a phone call from an unknown source, but her Dad gets to the phone first.

Director: Taylor Brown
Writers: Family Dinner
Cast: Jaydin Pommer, Michael Scott, Riley Paull, and Spencer Adamus

Spooky Call

Buying ADULT TOYS Online

After making several late night, box wine infused, online purchases this young woman must now face the music as the Canada Post Delivery man goes through the items.

Director and Writer: Julie Nolke
Cast: Julie Nolke, Kevin Vidal 

Buying Adult Toys Online

This Bra is Killing Me

Mike discovers the dark side of lingerie when he moves in with three female roommates and learns just how much ‘pretty hurts’.

Director: Meghan O’Neill
Writers: Mia Jessup, Meghan O’Neill
Cast: Mia Jessup, Daniel Liu, Jessica Fontana, Hannah Florence, and Claire Buckingham

This Bra is Killing Me

Boss Prevention

The boss of a convenience store tests his employee.

Director: Lana Maclin
Writer: Kyle Forsyth
Cast: Kyle Forsyth, Patrick Ronan, and Áine Davis

Boss Prevention

Latino Vortex

If you have been to ANY Latino family party, you know that saying goodbye can take hours. Welcome to the Latino Vortex

Director: Osmanny Rodriguez
Writer: Jaime Fernandez
Cast: McKenna Cox, Michael Diaz, Rachel Strauss-Muniz and more

Latino Vortex

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