Smooth Comedy

Mar 12 – The Alternative Route – 9:00pm

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Jordan Armstrong

After a hit Toronto Fringe show with musical comedy duo Death Ray Cabaret this summer, Jordan attempts to go it alone for a brief change and is not terrified at all. Silly songs about anxiety and insecurities which is odd as Jordan is never nervous and perfectly confident.

Randall Walsh

Want money? Happiness? Success in business? These elusive concepts of our modern world dominate most people's dreams and desires, yet so few of us are able to secure them wholly. Enter Randall Walsh. Lauded as a "modern day Tony Robbins", and "the Steve Jobs of gettin' it done", Walsh provides a step-by-step, comprehensive, business oriented, account on how he transformed himself from a nobody living in an RV, to Forbes.com's 1,119th youngest millionaire. Come witness history.

Smooth Comedy

Smooth Comedy is a sub genre of a sub genre. Smooth comedy is what your clothes smell like when you forgot you put them in the laundry and they've just been sitting there for a few hours. The clothes smell awful, but you don't have any change to do another load, so you just put them in the dryer anyway. they kind of have a bad smell to them, but you know that you'll get used to it and you can wash them next week when you get more change. That's Smooth Comedy!

Bad Tattoo

Bad Tattoo is what can only be described as a sketch comedy fever dream. Taking situations grounded in reality and throwing them into the sureal, Noah Farberman and Becca Zwick's clashing styles of comedy merge together to create scenes that often reflect the every day absurdities we see around us.

Liam Lum

Big Sexy Owl is an absurd journey into the dark and whimsical world of Liam Lum's weird brain. By channeling the strange, the odd, and the hilarious, Liam has meticulously crafted a solo sketch comedy show where he plays all the weird characters, sings all the silly songs, and takes you to places you've never been. Big Sexy Owl is absurd. Big Sexy Owl is disorienting. Big Sexy Owl is the stupidest show about Capitalism you'll ever see.