Mar 5 – Comedy Bar Mainstage – 10:00pm

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    TOsketchfest shows are created for an adult audience. Content may include some dirty language, suggested sexual content, suggested mild drug use and/or adult themes. Some material may not be appropriate for audience members under 18. Parental discretion is advised.

Low Rise Queens

When you come to see The Low Rise Queens you can expect a high energy, character driven sketch show, sprinkled with a bit music and a lot of friendship. Anna, Erica and Rachel have a habit of going from loud, zany, and extreme to grounded, relatable and calm in the course of about 68 seconds. Best friends in real life, these gals have the gull to make an audience beg for more while simultaneously try to figure out how they can become the fourth Queen™.

Definition of Knowledge

Toronto Sketchfest features a lot of silly things, but Definition of Knowledge is bringing something universally known for being the opposite of silly: slam poetry! Bryn Pottie and Hannan Younis bring their visceral verses, hard-hitting act-outs, and dopest-ly extended riffs to Comedy Bar in a show that Mooney on Theatre raved “ends racism”. Will their low-tech, high-energy approach to slam comedy wake you up? Or will they only make themselves laugh with their half baked 90s rap references? Either option: equally likely!