Mar 5 – Comedy Bar Main – 8:00pm

Show Rating:
  • Adult

    This show is recommended ofr Adult Audiences only. Material may include some really dirty words, strong sexual content, actual real-life nudity, suggested hard drug use and/or adult or controversial themes. No-one under 19 should be admitted and viewer discretion is advised.

Public Works

Public Works is a video group that moved into live sketches. They created the web series Shitty Tasty and have put up fun videos online. With members from The Sketchersons, The Beaverton, and the Canadian Comedy Award Nominated Entrances and Exits, they are sometimes sad, sometimes weird, and always funny... or I guess always sad. It's been tough recently.


Formed in 2017, Herbeaver has since burst into the Toronto comedy scene, guns-a-blazin’, with their monthly show Bush Party, as residents of Toronto’s beloved Comedy Bar. Every single month, their shows are mixed with brand new songs and sketches, so they always have a wide range of material to choose from. With their fast-paced, feminist, absurd, and often rather raunchy style, these ladies know how to keep their audiences on their toes!