Mar 8 – BMO Incubator – 9:00pm

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    TOsketchfest shows are created for an adult audience. Content may include some dirty language, suggested sexual content, suggested mild drug use and/or adult themes. Some material may not be appropriate for audience members under 18. Parental discretion is advised.


Humans have done some awful stuff. The Crusades? Bad. Slavery? Yikes. $850 Balenciaga crocs? We deserve a coward's death. But as Sir Ryan Seacrest once said, "Sometimes we have to go backward to go forward", so Kat Letwin and Nkasi Ogbonnah are ready to flail in every direction. Infusing their sketch comedy with theatrical sensibility and bold, incisive writing, 1623 takes audiences on a journey through the best and worst (mostly the worst) of history to ask that age-old question: dear God, why?

Whisky Kids

Whisky Kids are two dorks who somehow got invited to the cool kids’ party and have no idea what to do about it. Their act is a fast, furious, and seriously geeky look at the ding-dang human condition. With mile-a-minute repartee and a healthy dose of social anxiety, Whisky Kids are bringing their insecurities right up into your personal space.