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The Show:

Humans have done some awful stuff. The Crusades? Bad. Slavery? Yikes. $850 Balenciaga crocs? We deserve a coward's death. But as Sir Ryan Seacrest once said, "Sometimes we have to go backward to go forward", so Kat Letwin and Nkasi Ogbonnah are ready to flail in every direction. Infusing their sketch comedy with theatrical sensibility and bold, incisive writing, 1623 takes audiences on a journey through the best and worst (mostly the worst) of history to ask that age-old question: dear God, why?

The Bio:

Having written and performed together in their former sketch troupe Rulers of the Universe for five years, in the fall of 2017 Kat Letwin and Nkasi Ogbonnah formed 1623 to focus on developing their specific comedic voices. With their shared passion for history (especially Canadian history) as a guide, Kat and Nkasi make fearless sketch comedy that highlights both how far we’ve come and how far we need to go as a society steeped in racism, sexism, classism, and all the -isms yet to be -ismed.

Nkasi was a member of 2015’s Second City Bob Curry Fellowship and has performed in JFL42 and Second City’s House Co. She is currently a member of Second City’s Fam Co. and Ed Co., and was recently highlighted in NOW Magazine’s Fringe 2019 “Best Ensemble” category for her work in Woke ‘n’ Broke.

Kat is a three-time Dora nominee and one-time winner, which is certainly a ratio. She also received a Toronto Theatre Critics Award for her work on Chasse Galerie, was a Top 16 Artist To Watch in NOW Magazine’s coverage of the Toronto Fringe in 2018, and has received multiple Broadway World and My Entertainment World awards for her work on an assortment of indie theatre shows.