Bad Tattoo

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The Show:

Bad Tattoo is what can only be described as a sketch comedy fever dream. Taking situations grounded in reality and throwing them into the sureal, Noah Farberman and Becca Zwick's clashing styles of comedy merge together to create scenes that often reflect the every day absurdities we see around us.

The Bio:

Noah Farberman and Becca Zwick met in their first year of college, where they immediately disliked each other. They eventually decided it would be a better use of their energy if they wrote comedy together instead of arguing all the time, and Bad Tattoo was born, as well as a peculiar and genuine friendship between Farberman and Zwick that has been described as “Are they siblings? Are they dating? I really don’t know what’s going on here guys. Do you know?”. Bad Tattoo’s material is often inspired by their own neuroses and social faux pas, creating honest characters that are as endearing as they are slightly unhinged.

Bad Tattoo are the writers and hosts of the monthly narrative-driven comedy variety show Past Your Bedtime at Comedy Bar, and have already made a name for themselves in the sketch and improv comedy scenes. Separately, they have also made their own waves. Becca Zwick has previously been a performer at the Toronto SketchFest, and regularly performs stand up across the city. Noah Farberman is a satirical author and a prolific creator of short films. Together, they still argue quite a lot.