Carson Saves Sketchfest
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The Show:

Through a long-forgotten contract loophole, The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival must raise $3,000 by midnight on March 8th or the festival will be bought by greedy Oil Tycoons and rebranded as OilFest. Directed by Ashley Comeau and with the help of a cavalcade of stars, Carson Pinch gives the performance of his life to help raise enough money to save the festival he loves so much!

The Bio:

Carson Pinch is a Toronto-based multiple award-winning comedy writer and performer. Carson has performed all over North America and has been a member of Toronto comedy legacy troupe The Sketchersons (Sunday Night Live) as well as O DAT DUM. Carson is also the Head Content Strategist and Co-Founder of Turbo Gulp, a best-in-class, cross-platform digital content platform.

“One of the strongest shows I’ve seen in a long time!” – Angela Sun (Mooney on Theatre)

“Very amusing!” – Glenn Sumi (NOW Magazine)