Dang Dumb

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The Show:

Dang Dumb mixes the comedic voices of this diverse cast into a show that leaves no topic off limits. Satire, eccentric characters, absurd situations, musical numbers, relatable observations, one-liners, and self-referential sketches all tightly woven together with callbacks keep audiences on the edge of the seats with anticipation and rolling on the ground with laughter. At the centre of it all is their group dynamic that is playful and loving, like siblings fighting on a family holiday.

The Bio:

Christened as “the bad boys of skit comedy”, Dang Dumb obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously. They are an Edmonton based sketch comedy group with a catalogue of sketches ranging from satire to the self-referential to good ol’ classic toilet stuff. The variety of humour reflects this diverse cast’s own individual experiences and comedy influences. There’s something for everyone in Dang Dumb.

The cast of writers and performers met while doing improv in university and in late 2017 decided to try their hand at sketch comedy. Since then they’ve won Odd Wednesday’s Annual Sketch Invitational Competition. In 2018 they started performing full one hour shows at the Grindstone Comedy Theatre in Edmonton. In 2019 they performed at the Grindstone Comedy Festival as well as Rapid Fire Theatre’s Improvaganza, an international improv and sketch festival.

This past summer Dang Dumb participated in the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre festival with their one hour sketch show We Hate Each Other! (But We Love To Laugh) to numerous sold out audiences.

At the heart of it all, Dang Dumb a group of goofball rascals trying to make each other crack up on stage and have the audience laugh into the afterlife. (Also one member is first aid certified and looking to use her skills, so if you come to their show please try to have a medical emergency.)