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The Show:

Toronto Sketchfest features a lot of silly things, but Definition of Knowledge is bringing something universally known for being the opposite of silly: slam poetry! Bryn Pottie and Hannan Younis bring their visceral verses, hard-hitting act-outs, and dopest-ly extended riffs to Comedy Bar in a show that Mooney on Theatre raved "ends racism". Will their low-tech, high-energy approach to slam comedy wake you up? Or will they only make themselves laugh with their half baked 90s rap references? Either option: equally likely!

The Bio:

Definition Of Knowledge is the underachieving, under-the-bridge-downtown brainchild of Hannan Younis (New Eden, What We Do In The Shadows) and Bryn Pottie (Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs). Upon discovering that a friend unironically performed spoken word, Younis and Pottie had so much fun making fun of him, they wondered… Could this be a career? The answer is no, but they tried anyway and slam poetry duo Definition Of Knowledge was born!

Definition Of Knowledge harnesses the truth of spoken word to give voice to those who are not talented enough to speak for themselves! They bravely speak out about important issues like equality, DMX, and animal penises. Rather than traditional scene based sketch comedy, this duo performs silly yet intricate poems and extended, exciting act-outs

Based out of Toronto, they’ve performed at OffJFL, JFL 42, Austin Sketchfest, Montreal Sketchfest, Boston’s Women In Comedy Festival, Toronto Fringe and were finalists for best of Toronto Sketchfest in 2018. While poetry establishment hack David Silverberg called them “half baked”, Mooney On Theatre called them a “gut-busting sketch-slam extravaganza”! Who are you gonna believe?

Valentine’s Day 2020 marks the release of their first studio album, “Gentrify This”, produced in collaboration with Howl And Roar Records.