Freak ‘N Da Beats

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Content Rating: General TOsketchfest Audience
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The Show:

A set by Freak in Da Beats is an extraction of the most awkward components in our society, put under a magnifying glass of large characters and bold choices. Combining elements of singing, rapping, and dancing, Freak in Da Beats is sure to keep an audience on the edge of their seats! What’s next? A dancing bear?! (Freak in Da Beats does not work with a dancing bear or any other live animals). Their quick dialogue and sharp movement work together, in a storm of unpredictability that is hilarious

The Bio:

Freak ‘N Da Beats is a sketch troupe comprised of Humber Comedy graduates that came together in 2017. Joined by their love of sketch, the trio also performs stand-up when they aren’t being soooo freaky in da beats. The troupe consists of comedians Chili Davidson, Isabella Campbell, and Neema Nazeri, all of which have been active presences in the Toronto comedy community for over three years now. Each member of Freak ‘N Da Beats has their own unique comedic style that not only contrasts one another’s, but exceptionally compliments as well. They made their debut at Toronto Sketchfest last year and hope to bring even more joy and laughter in 2020 with brand new sketches, shenanigans, and freaking in da beats.