Gary from HR

(New York)
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Content Rating: Adult Content

The Show:

Gary from HR fuses characters, costumes, and our seismic viewpoints as people of color into a showcase of thoughtful, absurd comedy. Audiences laugh until they cry, declaring simultaneously that they’ve just seen some of the smartest commentary on our culture they’ve ever encountered through the dumbest lens humanly possible. Gary from HR’s show is filled with meaningfully goofy mayhem, sometimes bordering on the surreal, often crossing that glorious border into a wondrous new place.

The Bio:

Gary from HR was assembled by The Magnet Theater in February, 2018 and is the first house sketch team in New York City to be written, directed and performed exclusively by people of color.

Writers and performers on Gary from HR work with and have appeared at Magnet Theater, the Upright Citizens Brigade, the Peoples Improv Theater, Caveat NYC and College Humor and are skilled in not just writing and performing but puppetry, singing, and dance. Acts that have influenced Gary from HR are Key and Peele, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Monty Python, Armando Diaz and SNL.

Members have worked behind and in front of the camera with major networks like Netflix and Nickelodeon, had principal roles in projects directed by David Fincher and appeared in global ad campaigns, including those for Procter and Gamble and M&M’s. They’ve also written for Reductress and won awards, namely the Scholastic Arts and Writing Award.

Gary from HR has performed in several sketch festivals, including the Harlem Comedy Festival, the 6th Boro Comedy Fest and DAF (Diverse as Fuck). After appearing monthly for three consecutive seasons at Magnet Theater, Gary from HR is currently writing, directing, performing and producing special sketch comedy shows at Magnet Theater and other venues throughout NYC as well as creating their own digital content.

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