Good Game

Good Game

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The Show:

This sketch trio combines sketch & musical comedy into one fast-paced variety show. Good Game’s known for their mystifyingly absurd premises and their high-energy performance style. These boys have been around for over 11 years, and after winning Best Touring Troupe at the 2017 Seattle Sketch Comedy Festival, they show no sign of slowing down.

The Bio:

Back for the very fifth time at Toronto Sketchfest!

Nick Chenosky, David Horn, and Craig Scorgie are high school comedy sweethearts, forming Good Game out of their grade 12 drama class in London Ontario. And after 11+ years of performing together, they show no signs of slowing down. Recently coming off their GUNG HO! comedy tour with stops in Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Seattle, Good Game’s ready to bring their crazy skits n’ ditties back to Toronto Sketch Fest.

“Best Touring Troupe at the 2017 Seattle Sketch Fest, official selection at the 2016 NYC Sketch Fest and 2018 Chicago Sketch Fest.”

“Ludicrous liquid comedy” – Winnipeg Free Press

“Good Game’s relentless enthusiasm carries each sketch to its often hilariously baffling conclusion.” – Montreal Theatre Hub

“These guys are quirky. Is there a word for an intense level of quirky? Because that would be more accurate. […] All three artists have distinct personalities and feed off of each other’s energies like well-timed chemical reactions.” – The Vancouver Arts Review

“I never saw the endings coming because they were like nothing I’ve seen before.” – The Jenny Revue, Winnipeg

“Don’t put bugs in your mouth.” – generally good advice