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Content Rating: Adult Content
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The Show:

Herbeaver is an all-female group. Though living in Toronto they use comedy to go back to (and mock) their small town roots.They are fast-paced, feminist, and absurd; using satire and musical comedy to make fun of themselves and the world around them. They've got a cast of characters ranging from aggressive and in-your-face to loveable and charming. Don't miss the show that audience members have called "smart", "unexpected" and "hilariously inappropriate"

The Bio:

Herbeaver is new on the Toronto comedy scene, as of April 2017, with their monthly show, Bush Party, in the Comedy Bar Main Space. Katie, Heather, and Mallory all graduated from the University of Windsor with their BFA’s in Acting. When that didn’t work out, they high-tailed it to comedy! The members of Herbeaver have trained with the likes of Second City, Process Theatre, Rooney Actor’s Workshop, and Baroness Von Sketch writer, Dawn Whitwell. They use their strong writing chops to produce and perform an hour of new material every month, along with performing guest spots at various comedy venues in Toronto.

Recently, Herbeaver has collaborated with the Humber College film program to produce a series of filmed sketches, as well as a documentary about their writing and performing experience, being released in 2018.

Though, new to the Toronto comedy scene, Herbeaver has obtained a large following over the last several months and are eager to continue building up their audience and reputation as four funny, fearless women.